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Ted Cruz: If the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs make me President [like THEY did Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a] I promised THEM that I’ll crawl so far up Netanyahoo’s rear end that only my toes will stick out! And HELL, YES, I’m gonna BOMB IRAN – and anyone else THEY want me to BOMB! OF COURSE I’m gonna send any “HOLOCAUST DENIERS” to Gitmo for water-boarding and the duration! Then I’m gonna DOUBLE the annual aid to Israel from $3.5BILLION to $7BILLION! I’m gonna SHOWER those Israeli Zionist Slimeball MURDERERS, CRIMINALS and PSYCHOPATHS with blessings until the RED HEIFER goes home! John Hagee, Len Solomon, Joel Osteen and Charles Stanley won’t even be on “Bibi’s” radar anymore! [UPDATED]

Click on Teddie, the ULTIMATE Zionist Slimeball ASS KISSER! And what does Yahweh have to say about all this?

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Great article [as far as it goes] about the HOLOCAUST and ELE, launched by Israel-Washington – MISSES THE MARK BY A MILE! WHO are THEY [EVILDOERS] – REALLY???!!! [CONNECT THE BLOODY BLOBS!]

Click on PCR and read a seemingly great article about “Washington-Israel” launching a HOLOCAUST in the Middle East [with Russia and China the next targets], which nevertheless FAILS TO IDENTIFY the true ORIGIN and NATURE of the PerpeTRAITORS. What is … Continue reading

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Click on MOSSAD logo, above – the GREAT DECEIVERS! “I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the… SYNAGOGUE of SATAN! (Revelation 2:9) HIGH TIME to exercise the… YAHWEH  OPTION! Remember, 911 … Continue reading

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Germanwings Flight 4U-9525 – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! [UPDATED]

Click on 4U-9525 Crash Site WHY was the red-lined comment DELETED in a redacted DAILY MAIL report??? WHOSE jet fighters “escorted” Flight 4U-9525??? WHO and WHAT were on Germanwings Flight 4U-9525??? WAS Flight 4U-9525 BLOWN [UP] TO SMITHEREENS shortly before … Continue reading

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THEY LIVE – EVERYWHERE in the Federal Government! [UPDATED]

Click on TOP PRIORITY, above Click on WILLIAM PAWELEC, above 311 (FUKUSHIMA) is leaving a MUCH Bigger Footprint! Click on the ISRAELI ELEphant, above Another “False-Flag” CRIME of the… Israeli  Zionist  Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT  ALIEN  RACE  of  SATAN! … Continue reading

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The GLOBAL MERCHANTS OF DEATH are ALIEN in Origin and Nature! [including YODELING ALIENS]

Click on AVC (Alien Visitation Craft), above …and THEY are in the business of DELIVERING  DEATH to Humanity! ***EVERY*** major (and some minor!) country is involved: USA RUSSIA CHINA ENGLAND HOLLAND GERMANY SWEDEN FRANCE FINLAND ITALY JAPAN AUSTRALIA ISRAEL SWITZERLAND … Continue reading

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PCR on the MSM [MainStreamMedia] – PUBLIC ENEMY #1! BUT, PCR IGNORES the FACT that the MSM is TOTALLY CONTROLLED by ZIONIST SLIMEBALL AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! THEY LIVE – and THEY are not Jews but the “SYNAGOGUE of SATAN” [Revelation 2:9] The Homeland of Humanity’s MORTAL ENEMY is not America [“Washington”] but ZIONIST ISRAEL [“Tel Aviv”] – currently CONTROLLED by that Psychopath, Sociopath, Mass Murderer and CRIMINAL NUTCASE “Bibi” Netanyahu!

Click on PCR image PCR tells an important truth – but it’s only a HALF-TRUTH! How can we SUMMARIZE the… WHOLE TRUTH?

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