Revolution II or Civil War are better options for Americans than a HELLary or Drumpf presidency! [UPDATED. Expect “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” – or in any other month of the year. The time for RESISTANCE is rapidly running out! If HELLary-KILLary or Drumpf are placed in the WH by the Zionist Slimeballs next January, it’ll be GAME OVER for Americans!]


KILLary1Click on KILLary-HELLary for a fair assessment [July 12th, 10:08AM]

of her potential {GOD FORBID!} presidency!


…the Zionist [ALIEN]-CONTROLLED MainStreamMedia [MSM]


and are…


[SEE!“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” for the details.]



“Terrorism” was invented by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs, acting as AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! THEY LIVE – and THEY CONTROL Western governments which are promoting the ALIEN AGENDA. The American and French and German (among others) governments and their Agencies are INFESTED by the genetically re-engineered, “new and improved”, hybrid, humanoid, reptilian Race of ALIEN CRITTERS. ENSLAVEMENT and DESTRUCTION of the Human Race is their ultimate AGENDA! Don’t believe it – yet? YOU WILL! THEY are WALKING AMONG US [David M. Jacobs, PhD] – including in Nice, France! 84 alleged “DEAD”, 200+ alleged “INJURED” and hit/dragged by a Semi truck – and NO BLOOD, anywhere! It is now OBVIOUS that THEY are supremely ARROGANT, practice MIND CONTROL but have NO COMMON SENSE – like Jeffrey Lash and all the “mass shooting” HOAXES and STAGED acts of “terrorism” emotion-less Crisis Actors! We are now living in the TWILIGHT ZONE (Mandela Effect). SATANIC DECEPTION [Mossad Motto] is EVERYWHERE, especially in governments, political parties, organized religion [CUFI] and the MSM!

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