ObamaRahm-a is scheduled to deliver a TORRENT OF BULLSHIT about the San Bernardino “mass shooting”, Domestic Terrorism and GUN CONTROL to the American People today! DON’T SWALLOW IT!!!

EmperorObamaArmTwisterSOTULiesROOTofEVILBarrySoetoroatColumbiaWHTHEYLIVEIsraelsAttackDogBarack-Obama-Explained-Exposed-Revealed-Baraq-O-Bamah-U-Hebrew-Jesus-Antichrist-Identity-Hussein-Islam-Origins-Not-Human-Nephilm-Blood-BibleObamaPuppet2ObamaTHEYLIVEObamaBSAntiChristAnti-ChristNoTears911SilenceDealBibiMouthpieceZPOAObamaRahm-aTREASONObamaRahm-aGAYObamaManchurianCandidateObamaLiarStatueZionism2YahuBamaObamaBCFAKE1ObamaLew-yOneNastySOBTraitorToAmerica“I  AM  A  COMPULSIVE  LIAR!”

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