Is the “Official” explanation of the San Bernardino “Mass Shooting” believable? NOT A CHANCE!

SBMysteryShooterThe “Official” story has a snowball’s chance in hell of being correct! Click on the above image.

Here are some “Snowball” Comments (edited for readability):

– No skid marks on scene of shot-up black SUV, despite a chase being described.

– Front windshield of SUV littered with bullet holes. Driver’s side window shattered. Rear window blown out. Reports say police fired at least 380 rounds and Farooks fired 76 rounds. Why is all the damage restricted to windows of the vehicle ? There are bullet holes all over the windshield, but no damage to the front grille, or the front headlights, or the hood. They still gleam in perfection ! If the Farooks were racing towards police firing rounds, and away from police firing at their rear, then how can there not be skid marks ? How can the driver’s side and rear driver’s side be blown out in a car chase when one person is driving – where is all the blown-out glass on the ground ? It is nowhere.

– Above is all the clear markings of a vehicle that was planted and shot at while sitting.

– Purported Malik corpse has strange, perfectly rectangular red spot on back.

– Purported Malik corpse has lily white skin, unlike purported photos of her.

– Large spot of “blood” on street with no bleeding trails.

– Purported Farook corpse laying in street has legs crossed, face down, clearly showing an unharmed side of face with nose untouched. Nose is sharp and pointy. Skin is very white. Corpse is unnecessarily handcuffed. Hair appears long, not like the other photos of Farook.

– Purported photo of Farook alive near housing apartments in summer is blurry. Has pixelated thumb. Face is pale white in summer but the mugshot-like photo of Farook has dark skin. Their chins are also different. Another bearded picture of Farook is very dark -skinned.

– Very gory skull photo of Farook’s head exploded on ground is destroyed almost beyond identifiable. Nose completely blown off, not like other photo of him laying down with nose plainly intact.

– First released (but after 2 days) Tashfeen Malik alive photo has markings of photo-shopped composite. White line left forehead. Perfectly aligned sides of face. Newly released photo of Tashfeen alive (12/5) is another blue-portrait type background. Neither photo has reality in the background. Both are blank non-expressive facials. They both appear fake with today’s photo released only as supportive in view of problems with first.

– Utah plates on black SUV while Farook had no ties to Utah.

– Ballyhooed video of perps being shot was from a distance and undiscernable, nothing can be seen.

– “Syed Rizwan Farook” mistaken for brother in some reports. Brother is Syed Raheel Farook, a decorated Navy veteran. Strangely, this decorated Navy veteran brother who lived nearby has not made ANY statements to the press. Is he even alive ?

– Syed Raheel’s wife, Tatiana, also has not appeared anywhere to talk. Is she alive ?

– A neighbor says the couple were always fighting recently and police had to go to house multiple times. Why ? Was there something disturbing them ? Where are they ?

– Eyewitness sally Abdelmageed, who has an impressive resume on Linkedin, was live interviewed by Scott Pelley on CBS before the Farook narrative was established. She was interrupted by Pelley at the end when he said out of nowhere that now a female was involved. This was immediately after she described in detail the nature of the assailants. She said there were 3 shooters, all men, white skin, tall, wearing masks and hats (not Islamic headdress), bearing long guns. None of her description of the event she saw matches any evidence concerning the Farooks. Tashfeen Farook was a 90 lb. woman, not an athletic tall white man.

– CNN reported as unfolding at 12:28 PST “multiple” accounts of 3 men who did the shooting and escaped in a black SUV, yet Farooks would use that same black SUV hours later to calmly drive around. If they were involved – NO, but if they were patsies – YES. No guns resembling “long rifles” were found in the SUV or in the Farook home.

– Interviewed eyewitness from the party Timmy Hillard on CBSN says police immediately dragged bodies by arms and legs on the ground out of the building. Is that not disruption of crime scene ? Why were bodies not respectfully taken out on gurneys by medics instead of brutally dragged out by policemen ?

– Phone video of eyewitness nurse Dorothy Vong shows the time police raided the building. She thought it was “just another” live shooter drill. Why would a municipal heath office building have so many live shooter drills that workers came to expect them ?

– Eyewitness accounts and live videos from the day, those which are still available on YouTube, have strangely low view counts and lag. In an event of this magnitude, wouldn’t these pertinent videos have higher counts than low hundreds of total views ?

– Dr. Kathleen Clem of Loma Linda hospital interviewed on CBS Morning News said they were “set up and prepared” to take 50 victims. The victims came with only a 15-minute notification, so how does a hospital set up and prepare that quickly unless she meant set-up and prepared earlier than the event occurred ? She says they set up tents in the parking lot with different colored markers and many level 1 trauma centers. There is no normal municipal hospital like this ready for 50 level 1 trauma patients so immediately. Your local hospital does not have 50 tents ready to go and is not today “set up and prepared”.

– Paul Lacroix, whose son was on the SWAT team, was interviewed early on. He was wearing a masonic hat (do not read into this, because he told the truth), being that the SWAT team was live-drilling just minutes away as the shooting occurred. San Bernardino police were “ready to roll” according to their own statements and arrived 2 minutes after the shootings. Two minutes. Live drill. SWAT team ready to roll. What are the chances if the shooting was unconnected ?

– Press conferences on 12/2 were strangely constantly delayed. During the longest delay live on CNN, when it was expected the police would show up, they never did. It was over 2 hours later than pre-announced time of press statements. In-between coverage of media setup with microphones and podium shows multiple workers outwardly smiling and laughing. What is so funny ? Why are they happy to be waiting so late at night, outside ?

– Slow-drip leaks of evidence concerning the house weapons cache. Guns not registered by Farooks. Media allowed to ransack house and conveniently find carefully placed ammo and gun lubricant in baby’s room. Everything in the house should be off-limits for weeks. Everything should be dusted for precious fingerprints and back-traced, if this was a real investigation.

– Strange account of night work in garage by multiple men in late hours by anonymous neighbor, who was afraid to stereotype muslims. This account did not materialize until the terror narrative was in place. Yet, police not concerned enough to quarantine the house to dust for fingerprints or other material evidence of these purported visitors ?

– The real hard drives of Farook’s computers and smart phones are reported as smashed/destroyed. 2 days later, the Federal agencies say that Tashfeen “pledged allegiance” to an ISIS leader on Facebook. all Facebook data is actively monitored by the NSA. This could have easily been fabricated, and without their real hard drives, no counterpoint can be made.

– Family lawyer David Chesley refuses to admit culpability of the pair, made case on live TV that is was highly improbable.

– Co-worker at party Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew and stanch supporter of Israel, argued with Farook about whether Islam was a peaceful religion or not. According to Thalasinos, Farook insisted Islam was peaceful.

– Immediate response of CAIR group appeared government-coerced

– Every single non-anonymous and plainly interviewed family/friend/coworker/neighbor of Farook is totally shocked and doesn’t believe he would have done this.

– ISIS has not claimed responsibility (which they do), neither has any other group. Today surfacing, vague radio comments by ISIS did not appear until days after the official claim of ISIS involvement via deleted Facebook activity of Tashfeen. They were first reported by
the Times of Israel and ISIS has never claimed involvement via radio before. Radio can be voice altered, and the audio of this acknowledgement of its supporters in the attack is not to be found online. Perhaps they are working on it in the sound lab.
There is no reason to believe this is anything but planted continuation narrative after the fact.

– Possible Realities-
Much emphasis has been placed on the argument Farook had with Nicholas Thalsinos. It was vaguely reported live that there was an argument with someone (not Farook yet) who left the building, appearing upset and drove off in a black SUV. But we do not have
any named eyewitnesses to back this account. Zero. We also do not have the name of the supposed ‘tipster’ who called police hours after the shooting and spotted the black SUV driving in Redlands. If Farook and wife committed this crime, they had hours to escape. Why would they use the same vehicle merely 2 miles from the crime scene
if they were capable of planning, as purported by the media ? It makes no sense. More likely, the Farooks knew they were targeted as patsies and tried to leave, but were stopped, that is, if it even was them in the SUV, which we have no evidence of. The 3 tall, military dressed, black masks, athletic muscular whites with long guns and tons of ammo as described by Sally Abdelmageed did this crime, planted the pipe bombs, remote-control car device (conveniently identical to an al-Queda magazine article) and left. Hours later, the Farook narrative gradually was developed, but not until the Federal agencies took over (FBI, ATF, NSA). At that time it was decided that Farook would make a good patsy because he is muslim and had an argument at the party. From there, they framed Farook, but due to the mysterious non-appearance of his brother with the same name and that brother’s wife, we cannot be sure if both or either are in fact dead. The casualties appear to be real, real people died, but real perpetrators are not as presented.

– The political Left immediately and continuously argues workplace violence route for gun control laws, while the Right argues for security state, invasion of Syria, and Islamophobia. Either way, an agenda is advanced. President Obama strangely silent and ambiguous on the terrorism narrative. Prefers the gun control effort.
He probably doesn’t believe the terrorist story or even knows for sure it is fake. The story gives Dems and Repubs each what they want.. the workplace violence/radical religion/secret planner profile, the terrorist profile, the Islamophobia, the we need “boots on the ground” clamor, the anti-second amendment, the surveillance, etc.


Still MORE SB STAGED HOAX evidence!

Yet MORE indications of a STAGED SB HOAX!

SB “official mass shooting” story FULL OF HOLES!

“Official” SB story a BIG LIE!

SBHOAXBarrySWhatever happens, remember that this man is a LIAR!

ObamaPuppet2ObamaZionismHe is an Israel-FIRSTer Zionist Slimeball!

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