Will Americans “GROW BALLS” in time to STOP the ALIEN MENACE? – and STOP the “Election” of yet another ZIONIST SLIMEBALL President, RIGGED by Israeli ZIONIST SLIMEBALL AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN?!


[See original Whistleblower article (Comments – Reply to NTesla) for context]

“Growing balls” takes time – and we don’t have that much time! Paul Revere did not sit down and write letters (today’s equivalent of blogging) when the British were coming. Hanging pictures of whistleblowers on our walls and admiring them may make us feel good but it will DO NOTHING to stop the ALIEN AGENDA. Harold Wallace Rosenthal stated in “The Hidden Tyranny” interview that ONLY FORCE can stop THEM! Paul Revere’s ride was a call to ACTION – and all the patriots ran for their guns and met together for UNIFIED RESISTANCE. The MATRIX can easily pick off individual whistleblowers (Edgar J. Steele, Chelsea Manning, Irwin Schiff, John here and others) or just let them die on the vine (James Fetzer and others). It will take something like “Seven Days in May” (UNITED ACTION AND FORCE) to STOP the ALIEN TAKE-OVER of America (and eventually all of mankind, actually!).

Americans and Humanity are FACING an EXISTENTIAL THREAT, nothing less! The scope and depth is exposed here (on this Blog) and in some of the linked websites.

THEY are not just plotting to take our wealth, liberty and guns – THEY are plotting to take OUR LIVES and the LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN!

POA (http://patriotsoccupyamerica.u...) is a CALL TO ACTION, while there is still time to ORGANIZE and RESIST. If we don’t hang together and DO something (intelligent and FORCEFUL), we will ALL HANG SEPARATELY – sooner or later!


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