BIBI’s BITCH: Hillary Clinton (YUK!) – Zionist Slimeball and CRIMINAL! – for President? GOD FORBID!!!

BibisBitchZionistSlimeballThe Israeli ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS are about to INSTALL (ILLEGALLY – like Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a) the 3rd consecutive ZIONIST PUPPET as Amerika’s President!

Hillary [from Jim Stone]

Drudge headline: “China’s growing military built from stolen weapon designs”

My comment: I said within 3 days of the FBI getting Hillary’s mail box that they proved she was in the business of selling America’s most sensitive secrets, and received her payoffs through the Clinton foundation. This is not myth, it was known from practically day one, and has subsequently been beat about the bush at random and watered down to nothing since.

Hillary WILL be the next President. It won’t be anyone else. And I have not eaten crow for being wrong before, and probably will not be wrong this time either. The reason why Hillary will be President is rooted deeply in a symptom – and that symptom is the complete inability of the FBI to touch her, even though she has been nailed completely for selling America down the river in the worst possible way. The powers that be want Hillary in. She is as corrupt as it gets, and is probably tied to British royalty, and is definitely a top queen of the one world order luciferian chess board. She is not going anywhere but the white house, it would be impossible to jail her even if she was filmed murdering a baby at a satanic ritual, which ALL of the inner circle elite do with frequency.

The scriptures all say it will be like this in the last days, where is the surprise? I sure am not surprised. When people stop demanding honesty in politics, the worst of the worst filth rise to the top, and that is where we are now. You could not comb the deepest psych ward, the filthiest prison, or the halls of history for anyone worse than Hillary and the rest of the elite power structure that is in place now. You might find their rightful peers in abundance though.

Want proof of the previous statement? Well, look at the totally “elite” supported and endorsed abortion industry, that has now been shown for what it truly is. Look at the autism rates and the dumbing down of society via tainted vaccines, which are thus far going unchecked and appear to be approaching mandate. BY WHO? The Philippines got the same vaccines Americans get in the year 2000, and by 2008 autism rates went up 160 TIMES. Not 160 percent, 160 times is 16,000 percent. The link is obvious.

So the big question is, who would do that to the children of a society all the while people who have been knowingly hurt are powerless to stop it? A baby killing Molech worshiping luciferian at the top of the power structure would be a great place to start looking for answers, and if I said what I believe Hillary really has done during rituals and private events, even the readers of this web site might think I am nuts. No one can comprehend the level of evil the current power structure will rise to just to stuff it’s ego and get what it wants delivered by the devil.

Hillary WILL be President. If Trump has a chance too close to election day, he will be murdered by El Chapo post haste. They want Hillary, and Hillary it will be even if they have to murder their way to that goal. With millions dead around the world already at the hands of the satanists, what difference would Trump make on their conscience? After that, Diebold will complete the magic. With a little Diebold math, Hillary will be President even if only 3 lonely bot flies vote for her. Hillary’s remarkable survival in the midst of so much proven evil ensures this will be seen to, with certainty.


What’s the BEST DESCRIPTION of Israel and Zionism?

ZionistCancernozionism4ZionismIsNazism1SevenDaysZOG1AMERIKA’S  LAST  HOPE!

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