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“ISIS” is an Israeli-American {Mossad and CIA} Creation, DESIGNED to ELIMINATE Syria {like Iraq before it} as a Viable State and PERCEIVED THREAT to the creation of GREATER ISRAEL in the Middle East! NOW WHAT???

October 19 2015 Commentary on Russia, China, “ISIS” [by Jim Stone] There is obviously a lot going on right now with Russia. Any time the political scene gets as active as it is right now, truth becomes difficult to separate … Continue reading

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Will Americans “GROW BALLS” in time to STOP the ALIEN MENACE? – and STOP the “Election” of yet another ZIONIST SLIMEBALL President, RIGGED by Israeli ZIONIST SLIMEBALL AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN?!

ANSWER [See original Whistleblower article (Comments – Reply to NTesla) for context] “Growing balls” takes time – and we don’t have that much time! Paul Revere did not sit down and write letters (today’s equivalent of blogging) when the British … Continue reading

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Can Donald Trump be TRUSTED by American voters – or is he just another ZIONIST SLIMEBALL, DEEP in “Bibi’s” pocket!? What about Col. Jack Mohr?

Click on photo of Donald Trump, just another ZIONIST SLIMEBALL [like ALL other presidential candidates of the Repugnican and Demoncratic parties] Do you know Col. Jack Mohr? Click on his photo and get to know him!

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“THEY LIVE” (Jim Carpenter) – and THEY are “WALKING AMONG US” (David M. Jacobs, PhD)! The ALIEN THREAT {“Tall Whites”} is REAL {Edward Snowden}!


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What’s Behind the “GIFT” of ALIEN TECHNOLOGY [Time Machine STARGATE of the DARK SIDE {Third Reich NAZISM + Israeli ZIONISM = American ALIEN RACE SATANISM!}] “DIE GLOCKE”

The HIMMELSCHEIBE [right disk] is 3,600 years old – the approximate duration of a Nibiru orbit. [Part I] “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We … Continue reading

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BIBI’s BITCH: Hillary Clinton (YUK!) – Zionist Slimeball and CRIMINAL! – for President? GOD FORBID!!!

The Israeli ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS are about to INSTALL (ILLEGALLY – like Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a) the 3rd consecutive ZIONIST PUPPET as Amerika’s President! Hillary [from Jim Stone] Drudge headline: “China’s growing military built from stolen weapon designs” My comment: I said … Continue reading

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The END OF ZIONISM [and of Zionist Israel] is AT HAND!

Coming SOON to the SATANIC State of Israel: A LATTER-DAY RAIN of NUKE-tipped MIRVs [“From Russia with JUDGMENT.”]

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