Where are the Global ALIEN Centers of Control located? [Don’t forget to look in the DUMBs!] THEY also have an OFFICIAL “Homeland” and COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTER {aka MOSSAD} on planet Earth – created through MURDER, TERRORISM, VIOLENCE, DECEPTION and GENOCIDE {Zionist Israel – since 1948}



PyramidOfEvil3ObamaPuppet2ObamaTHEYLIVEZIOSatan1AlienInvasion2Orion1Pawelec1Click on William Pawelec photo!

Do THEY have a “Homeland”

on planet Earth?

zstardbYOU  BETCHA!

Mossad4What is the CURRENT OBJECTIVE of the ALIENS?

GiveMeYourGunsRevolverWhen THEY come for your guns,

just let THEM have the bullets!

BulletConstitutionDon’t let THEM burn the Constitution – BURN THEM!

THEYDIEGunFiring “The greatest danger to American freedom is an {ALIEN-controlled} government that ignores {and trashes} the Constitution.”

[Thomas Jefferson]

LawlessAmericaWarOfTheWorldsSynagogueSatan63TraitorsGUILTY  of  HIGH  TREASON!


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