Globalist AGENDA {of the CRIMINAL, ALIEN-CONTROLLED Federal Gov’t} = ALIEN AGENDA [Transforming Humanity into an ANT {BUG} COLONY]. Remember, ALIENS are CONTROL FREAKS [NSA, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc., ALL WORK TOGETHER to achieve TOTAL CONTROL over ALL INDIVIDUALS and TRANSFORM them into a GIGANTIC ANT {BUG} COLONY on planet Earth]. BEE-WARE of Windows 10!

AlienPoliceALIENAGENDANSA3MatrixControlSystemSlaveryMatrixTHEYLIVEHERE2ZIOSatan1ObamaTHEYLIVEAlienInvasion2THEY are coming to a neighborhood near YOU!

[Click on INVADED]

“People in Power” = ALIENS IN POWER!

Pawelec1Click on William Pawelec!

The ALIEN AGENDA at work in SPAIN!


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