AI = ALIEN “INTELLIGENCE”! THEY LIVE and are plotting to ENSLAVE Americans, using DHS, CIA, MSM, CONgress, the WH, the Pentagon and Military, DoJ, FBI, NRO, TSA, NSA – and ALL the other ALIEN-INFESTED Federal Agencies! It appears that Prof. Stephen Hawking is a CLUELESS IDIOT when looking for ALIENS!

BattlefieldAmericaThe original ALIENS have genetically re-engineered THEMselves [in DUMBs] into the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

Pawelec1Click on William Pawelec photo for the revealing interview!

Meanwhile, the ALIENS are making sure we spend $MILLIONS looking for THEM in outer Space, while THEY parade around right under our noses, here on planet Earth! Is Stephen Hawking an IDIOT – or an ALIEN?!

AlienHawkingProf. Hawking should “listen for” ALIENS on his TV set!!!

Chances are that the NASA Spaceballs, allegedly looking for ALIENS in Space, are ALIENS THEMselves!

NASATheyLiveWant to see (and meet) a REAL ALIEN? (below)

AlienYuriALIENS are genetically re-engineered (mostly in DUMBs), humanoid, reptilian CRITTERS and AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN, who look just like us – BUT AIN’T! THEY LIVE – EVERYWHERE on planet Earth!

Here are some more of THEM:


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