The ONLY RATIONAL Tsipras reply to the insulting EU/Ferkel bail-out offer: GFY! – and DEFAULT. The other PIIGS will soon follow and the EU/Euro will disintegrate. [Tsipras just shot himself {and Greece} in the head by accepting the grotesque EU/Ferkel bail-out offer – equivalent to TREASON!] NEXT: ANARCHY! On the other hand, if there is no ANARCHY in Greece as a result of the recent Tsipras government approval of the GROTESQUE bail-out offer, then the Greeks are at least as dumbed-down [STUPID] as Americans – perhaps even STUPIDER! In that case, they DESERVE what they will surely get! [SLAVERY]

Greek-FlagClick on Greece Flag

GreekSlavery“Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alles”?

GermanHaircutShe was better at making Hackfleisch und Blutwurst and donating nuke-capable subs to the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs!

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