What is KILLING MILLIONS of starfish, whales, herring, jellyfish and every other creature in the Pacific? HUMANS around the Pacific (especially JAPAN) are NEXT! [Answer: It goes DEEPER than you think!] SAYONARA, JAPAN!!!

What’s going on under Fukushima?




FukushimaElephant1Remember, folks, it’s ALL part of the…

ALIENAGENDANUKEIsraelAlienTerrorMossad2MatrixControlSystemFukushimaDeathPlume1VTheyLive666PyramidOfEvil3FukushimaDeathCloudAlienWarJCOSALIENSWatcherFilesPyramidsGiza3ExtinctionMatrixDevilOrion1HellToPayWarOfTheWorldsAlienInvasion2StatueZionism2ZIOSatan1SynagogueSatan6Zionist-MediaDEADMEN1984TruthSa_anZionistIsrael1984ZStarDB13TraitorsOphiucus13BlobsCONNECT  THE  BLOODY  BLOBS!

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