Ted Cruz: If the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs make me President [like THEY did Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a] I promised THEM that I’ll crawl so far up Netanyahoo’s rear end that only my toes will stick out! And HELL, YES, I’m gonna BOMB IRAN – and anyone else THEY want me to BOMB! OF COURSE I’m gonna send any “HOLOCAUST DENIERS” to Gitmo for water-boarding and the duration! Then I’m gonna DOUBLE the annual aid to Israel from $3.5BILLION to $7BILLION! I’m gonna SHOWER those Israeli Zionist Slimeball MURDERERS, CRIMINALS and PSYCHOPATHS with blessings until the RED HEIFER goes home! John Hagee, Len Solomon, Joel Osteen and Charles Stanley won’t even be on “Bibi’s” radar anymore! [UPDATED]

CruzTedClick on Teddie, the ULTIMATE Zionist Slimeball ASS KISSER!

HeiferRedAnd what does Yahweh have to say about all this?


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