Federal CAPSTONE projects and the Sandy Hook HOAX [NOBODY DIED!] [Wolfgang Halbig]

HalbigWolfgangClick on Wolfgang Halbig

Question17What CERTIFIED EVIDENCE exists, proving that ALL of the alleged victims’ remains are actually present in their coffins/graves???

[Let’s SEE all the Death Certificates – and all the Birth Certificates. Let’s SEE results of DNA tests. Let’s SEE photos!]



What is the ALIEN AGENDA?

GiveMeYourGunscooltext1656440925cooltext1656442080cooltext1656441642ConstitutionThe ALIEN-OCCUPIED Federal Government and DHS, FBI, etc. plan to KILL MILLIONS of Americans with BILLIONS of recently purchased HOLLOW-POINT BULLETS!

ObamaTHEYLIVERevolverWhen THEY come for your guns, just let THEM have the bullets!

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