Americans MUST learn how to NaviGate the Sandy Hook Hoax [and MANY other ALIEN HOAXES – Aurora Theater Shooting, Boston Marathon Bombing, etc.] Part of the ALIEN AGENDA is to DISARM Americans BEFORE the DHS kills millions under Martial Law, declared by ObamaRahm-a and his ZIONIST HANDLERS! [UPDATED] [What’s a CAPSTONE project?]

SandyHookHoaxClick on images (above and below) and…


HalbigWolfgangAmerica’s Federal and State governments are STUFFED with HUMANOID, REPTILIAN ALIENS and ZIONIST AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

GiveMeYourGuns[Before  I declare MARTIAL LAW and send you off to one of the MANY FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS throughout America. Of course, it is highly probable that MILLIONS of you will be murdered by DHS ALIENS, POLICE ALIENS, STATE TROOPER ALIENS, MILITARY ALIENS, ACTOR ALIENS, MSM ALIENS or DOMESTIC DRONES before you can get there!]


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