The brains of the vast majority of Americans have been INVADED and INFECTED by the “SHEEPLE” Virus – usually implanted through the Zionist-CONTROLLED MASS MEDIA! This ALIEN Virus works in the human brain just like a computer virus works in your computer. It BLOCKS electrical paths to TRUTH and makes the human brain short-circuit and load the ALIEN Virus “payload” of LIES, MIS-INFORMATION and meaningless TRIVIA. Thoughts are RE-DIRECTED into endless LOOPS of SELF-gratification FANTASIES, primarily involving SEX, SPORTS, MONEY and various forms of ENTERTAINMENT. There is ONLY ONE EFFECTIVE ANTIVIRUS that works against this ALIEN BRAIN INVADER: Christ-Consciousness! It’s FREE to download and install and give you LIFETIME PROTECTION. “SEEK [24×7] and you WILL find”. “ASK and it WILL be given”! [UPDATED 2-6-2015]



Click on MATRIX





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