What’s this “Mayan” stone head doing on Mars??? (photographed by NASA’s [National Administration of Space Aliens] Mars Rover). THEY LIVE – and made their new “HOMELAND” of Zionist Slimeballs in (SATANIC) Zionist Israel!

MayanMartianDid the Martian Humanoid Reptilian ALIENS emigrate to planet Earth???

SlimeballOriginal Zionist Slimeball, emerging out of the Swamp!

(Click on the Mayan Martian’s eye or teeth for more on this story)

MayanHeadNASAMartianCoffinAnd who is buried in this Martian COFFIN??? (NASA Curiosity Rover photo)

[How about strange shapes on the Moon?]

Is it conceivable (LIKELY) that the descendants of these Martian Humanoid Reptilians INVADED planet Earth eons ago and now make their “Homeland” in the

(Satanic) State of Zionist Israel?!


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