“7 million species of life on Earth [including the HUMAN RACE] are being threatened with EXTINCTION.” {from Fukushima Nuclear Radiation}

ExtinctionFukushimaDeathPlume1Click on image

“These 3 {there are actually 4} 100 ton {MINIMUM} corium lava blobs are constantly fissioning, releasing radioactive iodine, cesium, xenon gas, tritium, strontium, and 1,000 other deadly life extinguishing man made elements into the Pacific ocean and the air, without end, basically FOREVER.” [and that’s just for STARTERS and not counting the THOUSANDS of TONS {GROWING DAILY} of highly radioactive water stored in LEAKING storage tanks!]

Remember, Fukushima [311] is just another part of the…

ALIENAGENDASTUDY this Blog [and my other websites] for the other VERY IMPORTANT




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