Is Dr. Chuck Missler the “real thing” – or is he just another FALSE PROPHET, preaching out of the DARKNESS and DECEPTION of Christian Zionism? ANYONE who preaches that Zionist Israel is the “homeland” of the CHOSEN PEOPLE is preaching APOSTASY! Zionist Israel is the homeland of Satan, ANTI-Christs and AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! The ACTIONS of the leaders of the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs PROVE IT! [USS Liberty attack, 911, 311, etc.]

Missler2Missler1DO  NOT  BE  DECEIVED…

…by these “wolves in sheep’s clothing”

Looking for “the real thing”?


CarlsonClick on image

Remember, THEY (Israeli Zionist Slimeballs) have saddled the American People with the last 3 American “Presidents” (more like TRAITORS)!


NEVERFORGETObamaTHEYLIVEFrom a more simplistic perspective, ObamaRahm-a is the brainwashed [Manchurian Candidate] “EMPTY SUIT”, Edgar J. Steele spoke of before the HUMANOID ALIENS in the Federal Gov’t (DoJ and FBI, etc.) FRAMED and then MURDERED Edgar in the Victorville Federal Penitentiary ALIEN HELL-HOLE!

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