Another IMMINENT part of the ALIEN AGENDA: MASS IMMUNIZATIONS against ALIEN-engineered (ebola – OE LAB) diseases to effectively LOBOTOMIZE Humanity! Coming: Free Passes to FEMA camps! [have your brain altered FREE – and become a “Evil-but-Happy Zombie” – like ObamaRahm-a]

ALIENLobotomiesALIENNanoLobotomiesClick on Alex Jones image for the video

EbolaIs “ebola” just more ALIEN THEATRE, like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing, DESIGNED for the ulterior ALIEN motive of ENSLAVING HUMANITY?


Click on “Scientific Tyranny” for more on the…

ALIENAGENDARemember, Humanity is now engaged with the HUMANOID ALIENS in…

VBurkePOA1Do YOU have the courage to DO something about the ALIEN THREAT?

Click on the American Eagle and JOIN or DONATE to POA! – or DIE!

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