On 9-11-2001, America suffered a “False-Flag” ATTACK by ALIEN Powers of Darkness and their Zionist Slimeball AGENTS [Israeli and American]. The Israeli perpeTRAITORS and the COVER-UP CRIMINALS in the WH, CONgress, Federal Agencies {NSA, CIA, FBI, NRO, etc.}, the Pentagon and the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM MUST be brought to Justice (HANGING) for HIGH TREASON! SEE! the previous post [9-10-2014] for the GORY DETAILS. If Humanity doesn’t STOP THEM, TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT of the HUMAN RACE will follow! (already in progress!) [UPDATED]..


Click on 6-second free-falling WTC #7

and FALSE FLAG images, above

AlienWarZIOSatan1ObamaPuppet2HangEmHighWarOfWordsALIENAGENDAcooltext1656440925cooltext1656442080cooltext1656441642ConstitutionSlaveryAlienTerrorNSA3MatrixControlSystemTranshumanZMatrixVFINALWARNINGPyramidOfEvil3AntiChristRisingAnti-ChristOphiuchusAlienAgenda14AlienAgenda2GodsWrath1Extinction“Your tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy!”


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