“It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel (Mossad) did 911!” (and America’s Military Brass KNOW it) – [Dr. Alan Sabrosky – ex-USMC Officer]. Do YOU know it?! AND – do you know that NO COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS CRASHED AT ANY OF THE ALLEGED “CRASH” SITES??? [James Fetzer, PhD]. AND – do you know that pre-planted mini-NUKES were used {in addition to “conventional” explosives} during Zionist Israel’s 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA?! There’s A LOT MORE to the “Official” Federal Gov’t 911 FAIRY TALE than the DEMOLITION of WTC #7! For example – did you know that MIC executives and leading members of CONgress were “briefed” by Zionist Slimeballs on the coming “WAR OF TERROR” as early as 1998, LONG before 911 was STAGED? [Peter K. Joneleit, MBA and Executive Director of Bellcore {Telcordia}, owned by SAIC]?



3TraitorsThe 3 GREATEST CRIMINALS, LIARS, MURDERERS and TRAITORS America has ever known! What should patriotic Americans DO with THEM [and ALL members of their Administrations, their CONgress CRITTERS, political leaders and members of the MSM who participate(d) in the CRIMINAL COVER-UP to protect the DIABOLICAL Zionist Slimeballs in Israel and America]?

HangEmHighTHEN, NUKE Zionist Israel back to the STONE AGE!

NUKESforIsraelMeltingFaceThis event is also known as the “YAHWEH OPTION” or “HEAVENLY HOLOCAUST”

Zeke2220MazelTov0nozionism4BurkeQuoteWhat can YOU DO about it?



Donate4POA2AlienPlotDo you still wonder WHO assassinated JFK?


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