Will there be a “March on Washington” and ALL OVER AMERICA by MILLIONS of the 99%??? [Start of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION #2] (UPDATED)

ObamaTHEYLIVEALIENAGENDA7daysinwhenSevenDaysZOG1There will be no “March on Washington” in sufficient numbers until more millions of the 99% are driven to economic RUIN and DESPAIR – already in progress since 2001 (the GRAND – and HIDDEN DEPRESSION). It’s all part of the ALIEN AGENDA, being executed by the Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN, embedded in the WH, CONgress, the Repugnican and Democrappy political parties and America’s public and private institutions! The 1st target of the coming POPULAR REVOLUTION will be Zionist TRAITORS in government, the State and local “Police”, the Military and Public Enemy #1: the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM. “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” will be a much better (and less bloody) solution!

“Anyone suggesting aloud someone else should rise in revolt is probably an agent provacateur working for Homeland Security.” (Old Jules is right – about Jim Dean!)

7daysinwhenHangEmHighDon’t risk your life in a MINDLESS REVOLT!

JoinB the



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