What’s THIS on the moon? Has NASA (National Association of Space ALIENS) explained THIS? [UPDATED]

SmythsSea1SmythsSea0SmythsSea2SmythsSea3SmythsSea4Click on 1st or 2nd image at top for original photo – NOTE red square area

WHAT (else) on the moon are the NASA Space ALIENS hiding from us? WHAT are ULOs?

How many ALIEN BASES are there on the moon?

Are THEY visiting (AVCALIEN Visitation Craft) and watching us – and SINCE WHEN?


ALIENS on the moon – the truth exposed!”


TheyLive666…and look just like us – BUT AIN’T!

AlienAgenda2 WatcherFilesObamaTHEYLIVEJCOSALIENSPyramidsGiza3Orion1SynagogueOfSatan

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