IMPORTANT MESSAGE for ObamaRahm-a: How about TRANSPARENCY on 911 and BLIND SUPPORT for ZIO-NAZI (“Serpent People”) GENOCIDE in the GAZA GULAG and East Ukraine – among other ACTS of MASSIVE DECEPTION of the American People!? [UPDATED]

ObamaPuppet2ObamaLiarHangEmHigh911BIG1LaughingUncleClick on Uncle Sam, the CRAZY CLOWN and GREAT DECEIVER!

Click HERE for more EXPOSURE of  “Official” Federal Gov’t 911 Pentagon LIES!


[Click on LIES – for just A FEW of RECENT LIES]

And WHAT Does Uncle Sam WANT from YOU?

GiveMeYourGunsBearArmsRevolverWhen THEY come for your guns, just let them have the BULLETS!

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