Robin Williams: “Suicide” or “Suicided” by the DARK SIDE?!


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“I’ll bet they killed him. He wouldn’t be the first famous person taken out. Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Princess Diana. The list goes on. They killed the f’n President in the street in Dallas and covered it up since. They take great pride in their power. They are the elite serial killers; they leave a trail. As to the predictive programming that’s my specialty. I host Conspiracy Cafe. My theory is light is a constant in the universe. There are dimensions higher than ours. Light can cast a shadow into ours. If we recognize it, we can change destinies. I do that with uncanny regularity. The search engine algorithm turns random letters and numbers into a defined pattern. Robin made a movie called The Final Cut. We are inserted with the ultimate chip. It records everything. Robin edited the data for a funeral disc. The things he found out were devastatingly dangerous. Like the other greats if he spoke out, people would listen. Details are coming out he hung himself seated in a chair with his feet planted on the floor and a belt tied to the door. Now that’s a conspiracy theory. It sounds like he was tortured for information or murdered.”

(George Freund – “Conspiracy Cafe”)

WHAT did Robin Williams KNOW? – and was he prepared for PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of what he KNEW!?

The TWILIGHT ZONE is CLOSING IN on us! (Sandy Hook HOAX; Boston Marathon Bombing HOAX; “SYNCHRONICITIES” everywhere!)



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