“Wherever one looks in American politics one sees crazed people, psychopaths and sociopaths who should not be in political office.” (Paul Craig Roberts) TRUE!…..BUT……

PaulCraigRobertsClick on photo for the article in which the Title quotation appears

What’s WRONG with this article? Like most of PCR‘s articles, in which “Washington” is identified as the source of all VILLAINY and EVIL in the world, the fact is that “Tel Aviv” is the REAL SOURCE.  “Washington” is simply the HEAD of the American ATTACK DOG, populated (WH and CONgress, etc.) through the PERVERSE INFLUENCE and CONTROL of the “Israel Lobby”, AIPAC and a TON of Zionist organizations, ALL of which receive their marching orders from the Israeli Zionist Slimeball…

ALIENS in Tel Aviv!

IsraelsAttackDogCan it get any clearer than this?!

Can ObamaRahm-a’s nose get any browner?!

ObamaPuppet2Would you believe that the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs have Barry Soetoro’s ORIGINAL (Kenyan) birth certificate in their possession!?

ObamaKenyaObamaBCFAKE1click on FAKE


has been CAREFULLY  TAILORED by Zionist Slimeballs and magically “transformed” from THIS:

BarrySTo THIS:

ObamaManchurianCandidateWondering about ObamaRahm-a’s predecessors?

3TraitorsALL “cut from the same cloth”, Made in Israel!

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