Why does the world engage in a TOTALLY USELESS “WAR OF WORDS” against the Zionist Slimeball ALIEN AGENTS in Israel? WHY does the entire world RESIST the use of FORCE, while the TERMINAL CANCER of ZIONISM is steadily GROWING – and THREATENING to EXTINGUISH ALL LIFE (as we know it) ON EARTH?! How many “Emergency UN Security Council Sessions” have resulted in EFFECTIVE ACTION to stop on-going “WAR CRIMES” against civilians, like those in the GAZA GULAG and East Ukraine? [Answer: NONE!] While the world’s politicians, delegates, envoys and ambassadors utter meaningless words and wag their fingers, THEY LIVE! – and WE DIE!

WarOfWordsThe “Forces of Good” are OBVIOUSLY INFESTED and CONTROLLED by ALIENS!

Remember what Israeli Zionist Slimeball Harold Wallace Rosenthal said in…


“We can ONLY be defeated by FORCE!”

(“JEW” really means ZIONIST SLIMEBALL, NOT Jew!)

Click HERE for a clear picture of the FORCE needed to destroy the…


ZIOSatan1AlienTerrorExactly WHERE are THEY concentrated?



WHTHEYLIVEDenverAirportSchneiderin DUMBs below DENVER, etc.!

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