The coming GLOBAL REVOLUTION against the ALIENS and their Zionist Slimeball AGENTS in our midst, trying to DECEIVE, INFEST and ENSLAVE Humanity!

AlienInvasion2Before very long, humanity will realize, that like the Palestinians and East Ukrainians, our VERY EXISTENCE and the future of our HOMELAND (planet EARTH) and FREEDOM of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE are UNDER EXISTENTIAL THREAT! THEY intend to turn ALL OF US into their “CATTLE“, to be “domesticated”, “milked”, butchered for our organs and finally led to SLAUGHTER! When sufficiently PRESSED and ABUSED by the ALIENS in our governments (NOW!), RESISTANCE and a FIGHT TO THE DEATH will follow. The FINAL BATTLE is just around the corner and BILLIONS OF US are just about ready to “hit the streets” and EXTERMINATE the ALIENS (wherever THEY are hiding – including DUMBs, the WH, CONgress, Federal “Agencies” like the NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI etc., the ZIONIST-CONTROLLED MSM, the MILITARY BRASS, the PENTAGON and FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS in the EU and elsewhere) by ANY MEANS available. THEY will NOT take God’s 2nd-GREATEST GIFT TO HUMANITY (planet EARTH) from us because God’s GREATEST GIFT TO HUMANITY (Jesus the Christ) will COME (back) to help us to UTTERLY DESTROY THEM!

“HE will also DO IT!”



JesusTheChristBibleExousiaDunamisJesusResurrection“Your tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy!”

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