Einstein’s most important message to the people of the world (including Ukraine, America and Israel):

EinsteinIn other words, if you serve in ANY government’s Military, organized by ALIENS to KILL for THEM,


JCOSALIENSALIENAGENDATheyLive666…and FEED on Human SUFFERING,  DEATH, SOULS and NSE (Negative Spiritual Energy), produced by IDOL WORSHIP in places like the following:

Vatican1PopeCardinalsOsteenObsceneCapitolHill1CONgressInsaneAsylumMH17ISMH370XWatcherFilesALIENCapitolHumanSacrificeColumbiaLowLibraryRomanCircusMaximusBrandenburgGateBerlin1Lakewood-ChurchRussianOrthodoxChurchWHLawn1JerusalemSupremeCourtLondonOlymPIX2DenverAirportCERN1Zionist Slimeball Day at NYSESupremeCourtAcropolisVaticanOrificeLouvrePyramidPyramidsGiza107757369FO009_Pope_BenedicWell, you GET the idea, right?!

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