DID Zionist Israel EVER have a “Right to Exist”? [America owes Zionist Israel a REALLY BIG “THANK YOU”, which is a clear demonstration of “unimaginable restraint”!]


Click on ISRAEL for a short summary of the “wonderful” things Zionist Israel did  TO America over the course of MANY years. The REALLY BIG “THANK YOU” (above and below) is WELL=DESERVED!!!

MazelTov0MeltingFacenozionism4What about the “unimaginable restraint” which the Israeli IDF continuously demonstrates in the GENOCIDAL attack on Palestinians held prisoners in the GAZA GULAG?! (or are THEY just “mowing the lawn”?) Does it remind you of the “unimaginable restraint” that Israel demonstrated during their 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA?

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