Is HAMAS considering exercising the “EBOLA OPTION” (very similar to Zionist Israel’s “Samson Option”) against the Israeli Zionist Slimeball OPPRESSORS, MASS MURDERERS and GENOCIDAL MANIACS? Is this the only kind of FORCE (Harold Wallace Rosenthal – “The Hidden Tyranny”) which even SATANIC Israeli Zionist Slimeballs CANNOT RESIST? The hapless Palestinians are facing an EXISTENTIAL THREAT, so who could blame them?! [GUARANTEED to be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than hundreds of millions of OUTRAGED sympathizers protesting against Israeli Zionist Slimeball ATROCITIES all over the globe! THEY are IMMUNE to protests!]

EbolaAre the Israeli Zionist Slimeball Aliens really IMMUNE?

Is this the kind of MELTING that Yahweh had in mind in His Ezekiel 22:20 promise?

“As men gather
silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin
into the midst of a furnace,
to blow fire on it, to melt it;
so I will gather you
{the Rebellious House of Israel}
in My anger and in My fury,
and I will leave you there {Israel}
and melt you.”




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