MH17 (MH370): What is this??? (UPDATED – a piece has been correctly placed in the MH17 [MH370] “puzzle”, aka Rosh Hashanah Honey Apple cake! Who is Peter Haisenko?)

MH370WhatIsThisThe holes in the fuselage clearly indicate penetration from the inside to the outside! Note that the edges of the jagged holes circled in red are bent to the outside, NOT the inside, meaning something ripped through the metal skin from the inside – like shrapnel from a bomb. This is most evident in the red circled hole near the bottom of the photo. Click on image for details of KIEV  INVESTIGATION  OBSTRUCTION!

MH370WhatIsThis2Someone figured out which part of the plane this actually is – sure looks like a bomb ripped through and made a big hole (in addition to many smaller holes), just below the left side of the cockpit area. These are EXIT holes of an exploding bomb – NOT ENTRY holes of a missile (Buk or air-to-air).  The cockpit sounds like the most effective (and easiest) location to place a bomb, especially in a plane FLOWN  REMOTELY without live pilots! Don’t be surprised if the VOICE RECORDER recorded NOTHING, unless FABRICATED by the “International Team of Expert Investigators”.

Did this plane [MH370] originate in Tel Aviv – instead of Amsterdam???!!! That’s TYPICAL MOSSAD! If THEY can bring down a bunch of huge WTC buildings with pre-planted EXPLOSIVES (including mini-NUKES), bringing down an airliner with pre-planted EXPLOSIVES is a “piece of cake” (probably Rosh Hashanah Honey Apple cake)

RoshHashanhHoneyAppleCakeZionism is EVERYWHERE!

Between the time that MH370 disappeared (and was secretly flown to Tel Aviv – maybe via Diego Garcia), and the time that “MH17” (MH370) crashed in East Ukraine, the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs had PLENTY OF TIME to EXPERTLY WIRE the plane with ENOUGH EXPLOSIVES to completely RIP IT APART into the MANY PIECES which are strewn all over the East Ukraine countryside!


HaisenkoHere is an analysis by a German pilot (in German) who claims (with logical arguments) that the airliner cockpit was hit with cannon fire from both sides by (presumably) the 2 Ukrainian SU-25 jet fighters [maybe SU-27] which trailed the airliner over Ukrainian airspace, possibly mistaking the plane for Putin’s plane, which was presumed to be in the same vicinity at the time of the attack. This scenario actually makes the most sense – but doesn’t address the issue of whether this was the MH17 or MH370 plane! Further examination of the wreckage and SERIAL NUMBERS should reveal the REAL IDENTITY of the plane and if PRE-PLANTED EXPLOSIVES were also used to make sure the plane would be RIPPED TO SHREDS!

WHY did the revealing photos mentioned (and shown) in the Haisenko article DISAPPEAR from Google? WHO made them DISAPPEAR – and WHY?! Was this a ZIONIST SLIMEBALL (Israel, America, Ukraine) FAILED FALSE-FLAG ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT on the President of Russia?! Does Putin KNOW? Does Putin CARE?

WHERE is the “Team of International Expert Investigators”, approved by the UN Security Council???

WHY would the WESTERN POWERS (including the Poroshenko ZIO-NAZI PUPPET Regime) want to PUBLICIZE PROOF that THEY carried out an attempt on Putin’s life, while DESTROYING MH370 EVIDENCE?

WHO is publishing the SERIAL NUMBERS (and WHERE?) found on the pieces of wreckage???

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