Is the Dutch Safety Board an “International Team of Experts”, which the UN Security Council, as well as Putin and Merkel DEMANDED to FULLY and OBJECTIVELY investigate the MH17 (MH370) crash? Is the UK (in charge of “black boxes” investigation) an “International Team of Experts”? What can we expect from these ZIONIST-CONTROLLED and ALIEN-INFESTED Netherlands and UK government agencies and the ZIONIST-CONTROLLED MSM? We can expect MORE LIES & DECEPTION – and a 911-style COVER-UP! Humanity is in the DEADLY EMBRACE of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN and their Zionist Slimeball AGENTS! (UPDATED)



cooltext1656441642cooltext1656442080cooltext1656440925FlagsANDDeceptionMH17ISMH370XWhenever you see FLAGS flying in a ceremonial, military setting, you can BE CERTAIN that ALIEN MASS MIND CONTROL and DECEPTION are in progress! THEY are creating NEGATIVE SPIRITUAL ENERGY, on which THEY feed! Just like the 911 “Memorials” staged in America by the ALIEN-INFESTED Federal Gov’t!

The rotting corpses in those hearses are mostly long-dead MH370 victims, NOT MH17 “victims” – but THEY will NEVER disclose that INCONVENIENT TRUTH!

THEY are genetically re-engineered (and manufactured in DUMBs) HUMANOID REPTILIANS, who look just like us – BUT AIN’T! THEY are COLD, CRUEL, CUNNING, CONSCIENCE-LESS, CARNIVOROUS, CANNIBALISTIC CRITTERS – just think of Israeli Zionist Slimeballs, now committing GENOCIDE and ETHNIC CLEANSING in the GAZA GULAG! THEY have a SATANIC nature and origin!

Pawelec1Click on photo of William Pawelec, above



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