MH17: Russian Military reveals (radar) UKIE (?) fighter jet tracking MH17 just before shoot-down! [Meanwhile, the World {and Yahweh} are only watching {so far} as Zionist Israel commits GENOCIDE and ETHNIC CLEANSING in the GAZA GULAG!]

MH17ORMH370Click on image

The Russians have NOT YET revealed ABSOLUTE PROOF (satellite images) that an air-to-air missile was fired from a jet fighter (Ukie, Israeli, American or NATO) at MH17 (after it was diverted by Kiev ATC to a flight path at 33,000 feet and directly over East Ukraine – to make it look like a Ukraine Separatists Buk missile was fired). Most of the EVIDENCE of a Western/Israeli/Kiev “False-Flag” attack to blame Russia and provoke WAR is still on the ground – awaiting international, expert crash investigators!


Are Kerry, Obama and others who believe in a FAKE Kiev video, showing a Buk with missing (allegedly fired by Ukraine Separatists at MH17) missile(s) just STUPID – or are they committed to FRAMING Russia, regardless of the EVIDENCE?!

Meanwhile, back in the rest of the world and in America,


Zionist Israel ETHNIC CLEANSING of Palestinians and GENOCIDE in the GAZA GULAG is not forgotten!

Click on image, above

What will happen when Yahweh’s patience with “the rebellious house of {Zionist} Israel” runs out (SOON)?

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