MH17 alleged “shootdown” by Russia, according to Ukraine NEO-NAZIS and Zionist-CONTROLLED Western Media, smells fishy (gefilte fish)…like MH370…and has all the earmarks (and markings) of another MOSSAD “False-Flag” Operation (like 911)! Was this a botched (ASSASSINATION) attempt by the MOSSAD-inspired Kiev NEO-NAZI government on Putin’s life? Was MH17 really the MH370 airliner and some ZIO-NAZI Slimeball (MOSSAD) in the Ukraine Army pushed the FIRE button for the missile that downed the plane and thereby eliminated the MH370 “evidence”?!

MH17Click on image – note that flight MH17 NEVER LEFT Amsterdam!

MH17wasMH370CLONEONLY the (ALIEN) MOSSAD could pull off a stunt like this!

Until a VERIFIED MH17 passenger list has been matched to POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED body remains, DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING you read in the Media (including RT)! Most likely, the Israeli Zionist Slimeball ALIEN “Masters of Deception” (MOSSAD) are at it again, anxious to start an ALIEN  FEEDING  FRENZY (WAR)!

IF there is verification that MH17 actually took off and was shot down, the next question to be investigated is: Did Kiev (via MOSSAD) order the shootdown, mistaking MH17 for Putin’s similarly marked plane in an ASSASSINATION attempt???

Meanwhile, WHY would Russia (or the Separatists) shoot down a civilian airliner???

If the Kiev West-installed NEO-NAZI Poroshenko government was responsible for the shootdown, there should rightfully be HELL TO PAY for Poroshenko (Ukraine), MOSSAD (Israel) and WARMONGERS ObamaRahm-a and McCain (America)!

So what are the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs “up to” while world attention is diverted to Malaysia MH17 speculation and CONgressional hyperventilation?


AntiIsraelRalliesCARPET-NUKING Zionist Israel would be A LOT MORE EFFECTIVE!


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