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Any idea WHAT (and WHO) is behind the WEST’s current DIABOLICAL PROPAGANDA ATTACK on Russia and Putin?

Click on image REMEMBER that WESTERN governments are CONTROLLED and INFESTED by… AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! Who are the MEN IN BLACK (below), appearing ALL  OVER  AMERICA? DO  NOT  BE  DECEIVED  BY  THEM!

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America’s MUST DO during the coming GAZA GULAG GENOCIDE “72-hour UNCONDITIONAL CEASE-FIRE” – Ha! [Operation “BIBI”]

Click on SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (?) [including Operation “BIBI” {TOTAL BOYCOTT, ISOLATION, BLOCKADE, INCINERATION of Zionist Israel!}] aka The  “YAHWEH  OPTION” Yahweh’s GATHERING of 6 million or so Zionist Slimeballs in Israel is complete! Zionist Israel’s temporary “Right to … Continue reading

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DID Zionist Israel EVER have a “Right to Exist”? [America owes Zionist Israel a REALLY BIG “THANK YOU”, which is a clear demonstration of “unimaginable restraint”!]

Click on ISRAEL for a short summary of the “wonderful” things Zionist Israel did  TO America over the course of MANY years. The REALLY BIG “THANK YOU” (above and below) is WELL=DESERVED!!! What about the “unimaginable restraint” which the Israeli … Continue reading

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Are ObamaRahm-a, members of CONgress and other political leaders really FAKES, MASS MURDERERS, PSYCHOPATHS, LYING IDIOTS, ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS and TRAITORS (take your pick)?


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How can we summarize Human History, Civilization, CULTure, including “Organized Religions” and “Political Parties”??? [UPDATED – with GAZA GULAG Truth]

REMEMBER, Click on William Pawelec and last image It’s NOT the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth (just CLOSE), however! For that, you have to visit and STUDY ALL my blogs and websites, including this one (and … Continue reading

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When Psychopathic Mass Murderer Netanyahu and his Israeli Zionist Slimeball CO-CRIMINALS are finished with the “Prolonged Military Campaign” in the GAZA GULAG, it will have been made INTENTIONALLY UNINHABITABLE for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS (maybe ALL!) of Palestinians! THEY have GENOCIDE in mind and ALL DO-NOTHING world leaders will have the blood of THOUSANDS of Palestinians dripping from their hands – especially those of ObamaRahm-a and the CONgress CRITTERS who support the SATANIC State of Israel in their DIABOLICAL campaign! For ALL of THEM, there will be HELL TO PAY!!! FINAL SOLUTION of the GLOBAL Israeli Zionism PROBLEM: NUKE ISRAEL OUT OF EXISTENCE! [UPDATED – with a few well-chosen words from Paul Craig Roberts – and a hint on how to avoid the “Samson Option”]

The Israeli Zionist Slimeballs have DESTROYED the only power plant  in the GAZA GULAG! Can life go on without power? YOU try it! ISRAEL MUST BE NUKED OUT OF EXISTENCE! – THE SOONER, THE BETTER  FOR  ALL  MANKIND!  THEY  DESERVE  … Continue reading

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Is HAMAS considering exercising the “EBOLA OPTION” (very similar to Zionist Israel’s “Samson Option”) against the Israeli Zionist Slimeball OPPRESSORS, MASS MURDERERS and GENOCIDAL MANIACS? Is this the only kind of FORCE (Harold Wallace Rosenthal – “The Hidden Tyranny”) which even SATANIC Israeli Zionist Slimeballs CANNOT RESIST? The hapless Palestinians are facing an EXISTENTIAL THREAT, so who could blame them?! [GUARANTEED to be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than hundreds of millions of OUTRAGED sympathizers protesting against Israeli Zionist Slimeball ATROCITIES all over the globe! THEY are IMMUNE to protests!]

Are the Israeli Zionist Slimeball Aliens really IMMUNE? Is this the kind of MELTING that Yahweh had in mind in His Ezekiel 22:20 promise? “As men gather silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin into the midst of a furnace, to … Continue reading

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