Is there a Kiev UNILATERAL CEASE-FIRE in Eastern Ukraine? Whose heavy artillery is firing? Is “Ethnic Cleansing” occurring in Eastern and Southern Ukraine? Will Putin “fiddle” in Moscow while 3 MILLION ethnic Russians are SACRIFICED??? On the other hand, ever hear of the ETHNIC SWAMPING of America – now IN PROGRESS? (UPDATED)

DonbassUkraineStrelkovClick on image

Are CNN, BBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, LAT and all the other Zionist-CONTROLLED MainStream Media outlets publishing the FACTS about what’s happening on the ground in Eastern Ukraine? It would appear that Petro Poroshenko is just another Kiev LYING THUG, cooperating with NATO, the CIA and Western (primarily American) governments!

How many DEAD Eastern Ukrainian ethnic Russians will it take before Russia intervenes to STOP “Ethnic Cleansing”, planned by Kiev?

PetrpPThugThe Petro Poroshenko face has THUG written all over it!

Does Putin know that a strategy of APPEASEMENT with NAZIS, NEO-NAZIS and ZIO-NAZIS invariably leads to DISASTER? ALL varieties of NAZIS are SATANIC in origin and nature – and we all know that you can’t “make a deal” (and prevail) with the Devil!

ZionismIsNazism1nozionism4Stability and Peace (in the Ukraine and elsewhere) CANNOT come until NAZISM (including NEO-NAZISM and ZIO-NAZISM {ZIONISM}) comes to an END! Remember that NAZIS and ZIONISTS are…


of the…


Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is planning (and executing)…

the ETHNIC SWAMPING of America with ILLEGAL ALIENS (mostly children, for starters) through our porous and unprotected southern border!

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