MAY DAY! (24)…MAY DAY! (24)…MAY DAY! (24)……..Feeling IRRITABLE and LETHARGIC? Chances are you are suffering from CRS – Chronic Radiation Syndrome, coming to America in large and never-ending doses of radiation, “hot” particles and “buckyballs” from Fukushima. “Thank” Zionist Israel for the reliable delivery by air (Jetstream) and sea (Pacific ocean) and “Thank” the CIA and your ALIEN-controlled Federal Gov’t and Zionist [ALIEN]-controlled MSM for the COVER-UP! PS: THEY LIVE! – and also did 911! If you have been recently born without a brain (like babies in the State of Washington), you can “Thank” THEM, too!

Click on “Jim Stone” image, below (scroll down and read the email from Jack in Hawaii!)JimStoneFUKUDeathCradle1FukushimaDeathPlume1FukushimaElephant1311WoundFukushimaDeathCloudFukushimaPlumeFukushimaXFUKUTUNAskull-and-bones3RadiationDeath1That’s YOU, above, before very long – GLOWING with Fukushima radiation!


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