MAY DAY! (20)…MAY DAY! (20)…MAY DAY! (20)……USA = United States of ALIENS! (ALIEN PUPPET SHOW)

THEYLIVEHEREIKEALIENNSATheyLivePawelec1VWHTHEYLIVEWatcherFilesAlienWarJCOSALIENSAlienAgenda2SevenDaysZOG17daysinwhenWatch the William Pawelec Youtube interview!

Where do we start?

HangEmHighHow about the 3 [ALIEN] STOOGES?!

3TraitorsAnd WHO are the 3 PUPPET MASTERS?

ObamaPuppet2AlanSabroskyDr. Alan Sabrosky

“It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel [MOSSAD] did 911!”

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