WARNING: The ALIEN INFESTATION of planet Earth and the Human Race has reached the EXTERMINATION level. “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” is now a matter of human SURVIVAL! “What’s the SINGULARITY PROJECT, Daddy?” (It’s where the Divine Order and physical laws of the known universe break down BY DESIGN – another SATANIC and ALIEN project!)

ObamaPuppet2WatcherFilesObamaTHEYLIVEAlienWarJCOSALIENSWHTHEYLIVETHEYLIVEHERE2OphiuchusAlienAgenda14AlienAgenda2NoTearsCaveatSevenDaysZOG17daysinwhenDevilOrion1StatueZionism2zstardb1984NOWDebtSlavesPyramidGECPyramidOfEvil3RevolverGrayAliensAlienInvasion2TranshumanAre THEY (Humanoid ALIENS at NASA, Google, Microsoft, etc.) funding and running the…




So what can YOU DO to STOP the…




POA1Click on the POA image

The “American Federal Government” (WH and CONgress CRITTERS) and its AGENCIES (FBI, CIA, DHS, TSA, NSA, NRO, FDA, NASA, FEMA, etc.), the Military, the Police and the Zionist (ALIEN) CONTROLLED MSM

Zionist-Mediaare now….


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