What’s floating in the southern Indian Ocean – and why are NO ships going near it? (NO, it’s NOT Malaysia Flight MH370 wreckage, as the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM frantically wants the world’s SHEEPLE to believe!)

FukushimaDeathPlume1Would you believe HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE debris from the 311 attack (NUKE-triggered tsunami) on Japan by the Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN?! If you still have any doubts about WHO DID 311, Google “Jim Stone Fukushima”!

The “Search” is an ALIEN  THEATER production! [similar to the alleged 911 airliner crashes ALIEN THEATER and the Sandy Hook School “Massacre” ALIEN THEATER and the Boston Marathon “Bombing” ALIEN THEATER, etc. It’s all BLACK (ALIEN) MAGIC, folks!].



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