Russia will INVADE Ukraine to protect Russians there and to re-instate the Yanukovych legal government and supervise (ensure no Western meddling) Regional Referendums, similar to the Crimea Referendum on Sunday, March 16. [UPDATED]

UkraineRegionsWhat is Russia’s National Interest in Ukraine?

Will Crimea, as part of the Russian Federation, guarantee future and permanent stability and safety for Russians in the Ukraine, given predictable and continuing Western MEDDLING?

There is a HIGH PROBABILITY that the present Ukraine will be SPLIT into 2 separate independent States, in accordance with the above maps.

Putin knows that the best (maybe ONLY) time to end Western MEDDLING is NOW, by nipping the Ukrainian Neo-NAZI ALIEN AGENDA in the bud!

LESSON for Western (ALIEN) Zionist Slimeball Meddlers?!

WhippingThe consequences of serious Western Sanctions imposed on Russia will be as follows:

Russia will destabilize the US$ and EURO by FREEZING all Western assets and DEFAULTING on all Western Loans, resulting in a CRASH of the American and Western Financial Systems. There will be an immediate CALL on the American Treasury to deliver all GOLD bullion, allegedly held (NOT REALLY!) on behalf of other countries, including Germany.

Russia will CUT OFF gas and oil supplies to Western Europe, crippling the German economy and sending the EU into a DEPRESSION.

All Russian international trade will be conducted in RUBLES backed by proven GOLD RESERVES, destroying the US$ as the world’s FIAT RESERVE CURRENCY.

The remaining regions of Ukraine will be temporarily OCCUPIED by Russian military forces and REFERENDUMS held on joining Russia (similar to the Crimea Referendum) to makes certain there is no Western MEDDLING.

The ILLEGAL interim Ukraine government will be removed from Office and the LEGAL Yanukovych government re-instated with the support of Russian military forces, if deemed necessary by the Yanukovych government to protect the ethnic Russian population from Ukrainian “Right Sector” and Western NEO–NAZI (ALIEN) terror and violence.

The entire Ukraine will be declared a “NO FLY” zone (by the Yanukovych government) for NATO or any Western Air Force until all Regional Referendums have been successfully completed.

In short, Serious Sanctions against Russia will be hara-kiri, Western-style!

PS Travel bans and personal asset freezes on a few Russians and Crimeans are hardly Serious Sanctions! When Southern and Eastern Ukrainians vote to become Independent States and join the Russian Federation, we can expect some more personal travel bans and asset freezes! Western sanctions are a meaningless JOKE!

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