911 and Malaysia flight MH370: Zionist (ALIEN) Deception and Technology (FTS) [UPDATED – ALIENS R US] “The Search is Mere Theater!” {like the Sandy Hook School Massacre}

911FilghtsMH370FlightWhat do 911 flights and Malaysia MH370 have in common?

[Barrett, Griffin and Bollyn are all part of the 911 and ALIEN DISINFORMATION campaign. THEY tell HALF-TRUTHS! Remember, NO PLANES (or Drones) CRASHED INTO ANY OF THE ALLEGED 911 CRASH SITES! Cruise missiles and exotic ALIEN Technology (the “Ball” and NUKES) did the dirty, deceptive, diabolical deeds. Behind the Zionist Slimeball DIABOLICAL Hidden Hand ZOG are ALIENS!]

Instead of searching the Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Bay of Bengal, etc. for wreckage (an INTENTIONAL DIVERSION), all of Malaysia should be searched (by satellite and aerial search) for hidden landing strips and camouflaged hangars. Of course, MH370 could have been landed at a commercial or military airfield, without it being officially reported (most likely scenario).

Getting closer!

Remember, ALIENS ‘R’ US!


ALL flights were remote-controlled by Zionist (ALIEN) Technology FTS. NONE of the flights crashed (or were crashed intentionally at sea) but were probably landed in secret destinations. MH370 is a Zionist Slimeball (ALIEN) WARNING to Malaysia to CEASE 911 investigations! 911, 311 (Fukushima), “Arab Uprisings” (Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc.), other “Uprisings” (Russia, Ukraine, Iran, etc.) are ALL part of the ALIEN AGENDA and the ALIEN WAR, now in progress. Zionist Israel and its American Zionist-CONTROLLED ATTACK DOG are AGENTS of the…



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