UKRAINE: What’s Up and What’s Next? (V) (UPDATED – ALIEN WAR in progress: Ukraine, Fukushima, Syria, Iran, America [Grand Depression], Europe [PIIGS], Middle East, Africa, etc.)

Ukraine LanguageZionistInUkraineWho is this? Click on photo

(it’s a camouflaged Israeli Zionist “Popular Uprising”-monger in Maidan Square, Kiev! Similar types are crawling all over Syria on another global “Regime Change” mission)

The violent overthrow (Sniper Attacks) of the legally elected (Yanukovych – like him or not) Ukraine government by Western mercenaries/terrorists (think of Syria), bent on “Regime Change” because THEY don’t like the pro-Russian and anti-EU policies, must be reversed. After re-instating the legal government and arresting the rioting “protesters” and members of the illegal “interim government” of Zionist Slimeballs (with Russian military support, as called for by President Yanukovych – the legitimate government-in-exile), new elections should be called and regional referendums held to determine whether the people in the various regional sectors want to remain part of Ukraine or become part of Russia. The alternative is (if the scheduled Crimean Referendum cannot take place or the results are not enforced, for whatever reason), for the re-instated, legally elected Ukraine government, led by President Yanukovych, to formally declare that all of Ukraine will become a republic of the Russian Federation. In that scenario, no referendum will be necessary because a majority of the Ukraine citizens elected Yanukovych as President. A Ukraine-wide Referendum (Article 73) would undoubtedly result in a vote to join the Russian Federation, so why bother?! If the West and Central Regions vote against joining the Russian Federation, let them form a new Ukraine of those 2 Regions. The people should decide, not illegal governments or, God forbid, the EU or American satanic ALIENS.

Anyway, are border changes in Europe/Asia unusual?

ron-paulAnd what does Ron Paul (former Congressman) think about the Ukraine travesty and American/Western interference? Exactly WHO wants a war with Russia – and WHY?

(Click on image)

The Realpolitik is that Russia will never allow illegal anti-Russian governments to dominate majority ethnic-Russian populations in its bordering countries. “Arab Uprisings” (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc.) and other “Popular Uprisings” (Ukraine, Russia, etc.) are part of the ALIEN AGENDA, spawned by Zionist AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN, whose homeland is Zionist Israel and whose ATTACK DOG is the Federal Gov’t of America, aided and abetted by other Western-Cabal powers! Let’s remember that Putin and the Russians are NO DUMMIES and have the WILL and MEANS to defeat any Western provocation (think of Ossetia and Georgia – original homeland of the Khazarian barbarians. Think of Zionist Israel as “New Khazaria”)!

And we must remember this:

is the production of an ENDLESS  FOOD  SUPPLY, diabolically extracted from the Human Race, for the…

ANCIENT  ALIEN  RACE  of  SATAN: Fear, Wars, Violence and Death!

TheyLiveMeanwhile, the Pentagon “shoots itself in the foot” by suspending all Military-to-Military engagements with Russia. Look for similar acts of American self-immolation by the Obama Regime and war-mongering, Zionist Slimeball Repugnicans alike (Mc Cain, etc.), as THEY pursue “Sanctions” and kamikaze attempts to injure and isolate Russia.

Russian retaliation against any Western “Sanctions” should be primarily aimed at the Zionist Slimeballs in Israel who CONTROL the American Federal Gov’t, it’s Agencies and all important public and private institutions! The CONgress Critters vote to DONATE a minimum of $3BILLION/year to Zionist Israel, knowing full well that THEY attacked America on 911! Remember, THEY are AGENTS of the…


Valready in progress…..(William Pawelec)

RESIST the Devil and he will flee from you!”

Jesus the Christ showed us how!

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.”

“I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.”


(the Solution to The Puzzle of Human Existence)


Sons of Light

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