CNN Headline: NASA (National Association of Space Aliens) “discovers” 715 new planets. WOW – only 100 BILLION or so more to “discover”!

PlanetsGaloreAt that rate of “discovery”, with an annual budget (2014) of $17.6BILLION, it will take more than a few lifetimes (approx. 2 MILLION lifetimes at 70/years per lifetime) and $TRILLIONS for THEM to “discover” the other 100 BILLION or so Earth-like planets estimated to exist in the universe. Does anyone else wonder who allocates the astronomical budgets for NASA “scientists” and what practical benefits THEY produce? Would America be better off by shoving NASA and its “scientists” into the nearest  BLACK HOLE?! $17.6BILLION a year would buy a lotta food for the 50 MILLION or so Americans on Food Stamps!

Undoubtedly, NASA is occupied and run by HUMANOID ALIEN SPACEBALLS who don’t want to work for a living but prefer to just stare into Space and catalog planets and preserve Martian blueberries!

High Time to “out” all the HUMANOID ALIENS in NASA, DHS, TSA, NSA, CIA, FBI, the Pentagon, the WH, CONgress, etc. and incarcerate THEM in the DUMBs where THEY were genetically re-engineered and manufactured!

THEYLIVEHERE2Google “Phil Schneider” and discover what’s going on in all the DUMBs!

(Deep Underground Military Bases)


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