California Chualar Crop Circle: 192 days from 1-1-2014 = 711 (shades of 911 and 311) [UPDATED]

CalCropCircle3Anything happening on 711? (think of 911 and 311)

CalCropCircle4Is it becoming clearer? NO, NVIDIA didn’t make it – or make it clearer (unless NVIDIA is run by ALIENS who used ALIEN technology – like THEY did on 911! Any Zionist Slimeball “scientists” or “executives” at NVIDIA? Any connections to Zionist Israel? Gotta check their DNA. Remember, like Jeff Herbst, THEY LIVE!)

Something this intricate and precise cannot possibly be made by humans on the ground – without leaving tracks!

Remember, the ALIENS have been here for eons and are just “coming out of the closet” (aka DUMBs)

THEYLIVEHERETheyLivePawelec1If in doubt, Google “William Pawelec” and watch his final interview!

(or click on photo)

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