Sayonara to Japan and to ENENews (Zionist Shills-INFESTED website)

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It didn’t take more than a few days and comments to discover that ENENews is INFESTED with Zionist shills, who follow the Abe Foxman-invented (ADL) MO of personally attacking all who expose Zionism and the satanic and rogue State of Israel with the usual “anti-Semitism” hand grenade. The subject of ALIENS is as taboo as the subject of Zionist, specifically Israeli Zionist, criminality.

The site moderators are either “in” on this agenda or are swiftly beaten into submission by the horde of Zionist shills, if anyone dares to ID Zionist Israel, Zionism and SATANIC Aliens as the “Powers and Principalities of Darkness in the Heavenlies” (and) as the ULTIMATE SOURCE of most EVIL in the world – including the 311 Fukushima NUKE and STUXNET attack on Japan and on humanity.

Here’s a parting word of advice to all sincere truth seekers:

Control of planet Earth (many governments, including the USA) by Aliens is REAL. The ALIEN AGENDA of total enslavement of the human race is REAL. THEY are CONTROL FREAKS (William Pawelec). Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are simply AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN.

Those truths will be DISCLOSED in due time. If you want to “get a jump” on things to come, visit (and STUDY) the following websites: (active blog) (closed blog) (active site) (Illustrated Guide to the Universes) (personal BIO)

Sayonara to Japan and ENENews!


In all likelihood, it will take the ENENews moderators the half-life of Neptunium-237 to “moderate” my CENSORED comments!

ENENews is not totally without merit – it’s one of the few websites that at least addresses SOME of the VERY serious issues about Fukushima. If you click on the ENENews link, above, you can follow a recent thread and my uncensored comments, made before “reporting” to moderators and  CENSORING of my subsequent comments could take place. Occasionally, a comment from a rational commentator will slip through (tonybach). Then there are ridiculous and misleading comments by “anne”, who suffers from a serious case of “foot-in-mouth” disease. Anyone who thinks I’m “pro-nuclear” is obviously mentally challenged (or can’t read). Notice the classic Foxman-style, irrational vitriol in the comments by Zionist Shills!  To THEM, truth about Zionism, Israel, 911, 311, Aliens and Satan is life-threatening!

Note also how these Zionist shills like to attack in packs – like raptors, hyenas and wolves. They execute their vicious assaults per the Abe Foxman-ADL  “playbook”.

So, what was/am I doing with my comments at ENENews (and elsewhere), do you suppose? I SOW SEEDS of truth in human minds. Anyone who reads my comments has seeds of truth planted in his/her mind – LIKE IT OR NOT. It just happens! In fertile and open minds (and hearts), those seeds of truth will germinate and grow into a garden of mind-opening revelations, by the Grace of God! Are you reading this, tonybach?


Here’s another CENSORED comment from the same thread, made in response to the davidh7426 comment of 4:24pm:

Corium123 Your comment is awaiting moderation.

If we did it to ourselves all the time, we would have perished long ago! We are here talking about EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE – far more than a power-grab, greed or plain nastiness.

Aliens EXIST (MANY credible sources, including William Pawelec and Phil Schneider) and have been here for eons (“Ancient Aliens” on the History2 channel, etc.).

The human race has been MIND-CONTROLLED by Aliens for decades, if not centuries and millennia. THEY are cunning, cold-blooded, cruel, conscience-less, carnivorous, cannibalistic CRITTERS. THEY are not scapegoats, THEY are PERPETRAITORS! Research the evidence and stop being a dummy!



JimStone1Click on image

“It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel (Mossad) did 911!

(Dr. Alan Sabrosky – ex. USMC Officer at the Army War College)

[as well as 311!]

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