The Plutonium Devils of Death “buckyballs” are being released from FUKUSHIMA, spawned on 311 by Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

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(REALLY) Bad News

The (old) news is extremely bad from the stricken Fukushima nuclear site in Japan, where a probe of the only one of the three destroyed reactors where access is possible revealed still-deadly levels of radiation. (The latest news is much worse!). Detectors in reactor No. 2 showed damage so severe that special technology will need to be developed just to survive the harsh environment. Cleaning up is going to take decades. Water levels inside the containment vessel that houses the radioactive core were also found to be way too low, despite continual pumping, although the water temperature indicates the fuel has been cooled.

Detected radiation levels of 70 seiverts an hour will kill a human after seven minutes of exposure, and these levels are 10 times higher than experts had been hoping for. Levels are even higher in reactors No. 1 and No. 3.

Post-Fukushima Japan may be approaching an energy death spiral, says Nobuo Tanaka, past executive director of the International Energy Agency.

Description: Iwaki-City-Plutonium-200-Times-Goverment-Numbers.png

A Japanese professor has detected all three isotopes of Plutonium at levels 200 times higher than Japan admits over 50 kilometers south of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

It is not getting better and is in fact getting worse. Radiation dose tripled at a Tokyo monitoring post recently and doubled at another.

The Plutonium Angel of Death

Plutonium represents certain death; it is death, concentrated in nuclear form. Riders of death come swooping down from the upper air currents on plutonium steeds and just one tiny particle of it has a deadly effect if it touches down anywhere inside of a human or a beast.

The very last thing the elite controllers of the world want us to know is that nuclear super particles (plutonium) are scattering around the world like Hun Hordes. We have this going on already with mercury and other heavy metals and chemicals; now the toxic soup on our planet is going nuclear in a big way and it will continue that way into an increasingly toxic and frightening future.

Of the three damaged reactors at Fukushima, only reactor No. 3 has plutonium in its fresh fuel, but all the reactors contain plutonium. All of the spent fuel rods kept in the storage pools at each reactor contain plutonium. In the Fukushima reactors, plutonium-239 is a byproduct of nuclear fission and occurs when uranium-238 in the fuel absorbs neutrons. Fukushima has enough plutonium to kill every man, woman and child on our planet if it all gets out.

“A sample of plutonium-239 giving off one curie of radiation per hour will give off about 99.999…% as much radiation tomorrow, or next year.”


Fukushima Diary

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