The MEGA GROUP of Zionist Slimeball Satanists – THEY spawned and funded 911, 311, etc. Are THEY really members of the “Jewish People”? (G_d forbid!) Are THEY human???

zstardbClick on image to learn the identity of MEGA and the MEGA GROUP

Exactly WHO are WHAT are “The New Jerusalem”?


In some circles, the MEGA GROUP, “Israel Lobby” and ADL of the B’nai B’rith are loosely referred to as “JEWS” – but are THEY really Jews??? Can Zionist Slimeballs be REAL JEWS???

RebbeTeitelbaumGrand Rebbe of Satmar, Yoel Teitelbaum (click photo), said of Zionism and Israel:

“This (Israeli Zionism) is the last challenge of the Jewish exile (Diaspora), the hardest challenge the Jewish people have ever faced.”

In fact, Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and their Israeli-American STOOGES are SATANISTS and AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

ZionismIsNazism1nozionism4ZionistCancerRemember the Pyramid of Evil:

PyramidOfEvil3And what does Yahweh have in store for the “Rebellious House of Israel”?

Zeke2220It’s called “The Yahweh Option”!

“I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”

(Revelation 2:9)

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